The paintings of the boarded ceiling were made by order. It can be seen in the chapel of Magyar Értékek Háza (House of Hungarian Values) near Kerekegyháza.

Artist: Fenyvesi Gábor painter
Architect of the building: Grátz Antal

In the old days, whenever a man looked up to the starry sky, he recognised himself in it. His options and tasks were all there, as well as the path set out for him – the path of the highest possible aim which can be walked by a human being in the world created by God.

This sacred guideline is reflected in the ancient churches’ boarded ceilings from where the spirit of Heaven emanates directly onto us through the way of Light. To stand beneath a ceiling like that is just the perfect place to orientate, as it provides a way to understand with our minds, to feel with our hearts and follow through the message of the ’ceiling of the sky’ in this world.

When it comes to boarded ceilings, light is the equivalent of Light of the World, Jesus Christ, saviour of all men. During the so called ’small’ year of 365 days, the relation of light and darkness and the change in their ’amount’ provide the message for the man of the universe: what is our mission in different parts of the year in the world.

Our lives is defined in both time and space: we can read from the guidelines sent to us by the movement of the Sun, the Earth and the other planets or ’wayfarer stars’, of the fixed stars, the zodiac and the elemental qualities. The rhythm and the pulsing of this system creates a frame which helps to define ourselves and the world around us, while the constant and steady centre is God himself – rotator of the universe, whom the world was born and emanated from.

This framework (peel, embrace, circle) and the intercept (seed, life, God, incarnation and creation) embodies in the suncross which is the most ancient expression of the presence, the emanation and the guarding quality of creative spiritual force. The suncross shows precisely how to tune in to the embracing wholeness and to find our way from the motionless centre to higher qualities: the ladder of our soul which connects above and below, inside and outside.